Practicing Mindfulness at Kromrey

The Foundation is sharing stories from grant and scholarship recipients to show how funding makes an impact. Hear how MCPASD staff, teachers and students are using their grants and scholarships, and see how your dollars make a difference!

Kerry Burke, a school counselor at Kromrey, received a $575 grant for a mindfulness cart.

“Thanks to the Education Foundation’s generous support, I purchased supplies for a mindfulness cart for Kromrey Middle School in the fall of 2017,” Burke says. “The cart consists of 30 yoga mats on a large rolling cart with storage space for the yoga mats. I also purchased a chime and singing bowl for use during mindfulness practice with students.”

Burke explains how Kromrey students and staff are benefiting from the cart.

“As a school counselor, having our mindfulness cart as a resource opens up more opportunities for practicing mindfulness with students in different locations around our school,” Burke says. “The cart is primarily used by Student Services staff for mindfulness groups with students, but it is also available for teachers and other staff to check out to use with their students.”

She says the grant has helped Kromrey students learn by enabling them to experience the advantages of mindfulness.

“Mindfulness practices helps to improve student engagement and well-being,” Burke explains. “By developing these skills with our students, our goal is to help students improve attention, emotion regulation and academic performance. Mindfulness can help reduce stress and is a trauma-sensitive approach to working with struggling students. By helping students gain a sense of calm and focus, we are promoting success for all students in the classroom.”

Burke appreciates what the grant has allowed her to do at Kromrey.

“Thank you for this opportunity!” she says.

MCPASD staff, teachers and students who are interested in applying for an Education Foundation grant or scholarship can contact Perry Hibner. To donate to the Foundation, use the link on our donations page or mail a check to MCPASD Education Foundation, c/o Perry Hibner, 7106 South Avenue, Middleton, WI 53562. Thank you!


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