Foundation Elects Officers and Board Members

The Foundation held its annual meeting on July 20, electing new and renewing Board members, as well as electing officers for the coming year.

First, three new members have been added to the Board recently: Superintendent George Mavroulis, Chris Denney and Anne Bauer.

  • Mavroulis became Superintendent of the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District on July 1, and assumed the position on the Foundation Board reserved for the current Superintendent.
  • Denney is a Senior Program and Policy Analyst at Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. He has also worked as a middle school social studies teacher, and has earned Master’s degrees in Teaching and Public Administration.  He has been a volunteer with the Foundation’s Board as an intern for a number of years.
  • Anne Bauer is a member of the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District Board of Education. She has a Master’s Degree in Education, and is a former teacher.

Board members Zach Galin, Rick Sanders and Melodee Vogt were also re-elected to three-year terms.

Officers were also elected for the coming year: Courtney Ward-Reichard as Chair, Zach Galin as Vice-Chair, Stephanie Mueller as Treasurer and Tom Kobinsky as Treasurer.

The Foundation is always looking for energetic and committed individuals to serve on its Board and Committees.  Contact Executive Director Perry Hibner to learn more.


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